1. PE International GmbH
  2. Stuttgart University
  3. German Baden-Wüerttenberg Ministry of Environment
  4. DIBU - German Institute Construction and Environment
  5. DGNB - German Sustainable Building Council
  6. Transsolar ClimateEngineering
  7. CEDBIK - Turkish Green Building Council
  8. TSE - Turkish Standards Institution
  9. TCMA - Turkish Cement Association
  10. Mesa Construction Incorporated Company
  11. Cersoy Construction and Materials Incorporated Company
  12. Nimsan Niksar Lime Merchanting-House Incorporated Company
  13. Nimsan Sivas Lime Merchanting-House Incorporated Company
  14. Da Vinci Engineering and Architecture Incorporated Company
  15. Akana Engineering Incorporated Company
  16. ARGE Automation Incorporated Company
  17. Yeşil Niksar Newspaper
  18. Canik Newspaper
  19. Improvement of Technical Education Association
  20. TEKEV - Technical Education Foundation




Sponsorship fileconsisting the groups and the conditions of sponsorship is enclosed for the organizations that wish to contribute the symposium as sponsors.


  • Platin Sponsor
                                      Limak Holding Company
  • Product and Facility Sponsor
                                      TÜBİTAK - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
                                    intes   İNTES - Turkish Employers' Association of Construction Industries

İSFALT İstanbul Asphalte Manufacturing Incorporated Company

                                      Ramada Plaza Ankara
                                      Ankyra Sport and Life Club
  • Communication Sponsor
  • Press Sponsor
                                      Mall Report                
  • Silver Sponsor
                                    davinci   Da Vinci Engineering and Architecture Incorporated Company
                                      TCMA - Turkish Cement Association
  • Bronze Sponsor
                                    iksa   İksa Construction Additives Incorporated Company
                                       Betonel Prefebricated Concrete Elements Incorporated Company