Some software programs are developed throughout EU in order to provide the practically use of Life Cycle Assessment Method (LCA) method that is used for the assessment of the environmental impacts of construction materials. The results of assessments made by these software programs constitute direct input for solution proposals to decrease the environmental impacts and for environmental product declarations.

In this context, training of GaBi software program developed by University of Stuttgart and PE International GmbH has been implemented with 10 beneficiaries, between July 6th – July 20th 2008, in host partner PE International GmbH Company, and it is looked over the applications related to the subject in University of Stuttgart, DIBU German Institute Construction and Environment, and Baden-Wüerttenberg Ministry of Environment  in Stuttgart-Germany according to the activity plan of the project.

During their visits in Germany, project beneficiaries had received training about environmental impacts of the buildings and construction materials, LCA method used for the assessment of environmental impacts, an LCA tool GaBi software program, and environmental product declarations (EPDs) that use the outputs of this software program. Furthermore the beneficiaries  had attended the cultural tours and activities organized by the host partners, and had qualified for receiving GaBi, LCA and EPD certificates by achieving the training programs and by completing the intensive work schedule. The schedule is represented below:

06-20 July 2008 / Schedule of Mobility Activity in Germany

Arrival from Esenboğa Airport to Stuttgart airport, and hotel accommodation
Holding an information meeting before the activities, and spare time

GaBi installation, upgrade and data documentation education program
Starting working with projects, and modelling a product by processes and plans

Completing a plan and calculating assess balances, analysis and parameter use in GaBi
Allocation procedures, units, quantities, weighting concepts education program

Database management and multilingual use education program
GaBi process recording tool, and export/import-drag and drop of objects, and data exchange

An assessment of the environmental impacts of two construction materials by LCA method
Guided architectural city tour in Stuttgart

Tour of Stuttgart’s cultural centers (Mercedes-Benz Museum and Zoological Garden)

Tour of Stuttgart’s historical places (South Tübingen)

General LCA training and introduction presentations in University of Stuttgart, Department of Life Cycle Engineering, Chair of Building Physics
Visit to a reference company of PE International GmbH (Transsolar ClimateEngineering / Vaihingen)

Ttraining and introduction presentations about “Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)” from DIBU German Institute Construction and Environment
Training and introduction presentations about “Sustainable Buildings”  by a reference company of PE International GmbH (DGNB German Sustainable Building Council/ STEP Office)

Visit to Baden-Wüerttenberg Ministry of Environment

Visit to a reference company of PE International GmbH (Bosch / Solar Decathlon)

The training principles of international LCA practitioners, consultants and specialists – certification

Tour of Stuttgart’s shopping centres and city centre

Arrival from Stuttgart Airport to Esenboğa Airport