Our domestic partners in the context of the project:

  1. Turkish Standards Institution (TSE)
  2. Turkish Cement Association (TCMA)
  3. Mesa Construction Incorporated Company
  4. Cersoy Construction and Materials Incorporated Company
  5. Nimsan Niksar Lime Merchanting-House Incorporated Company
  6. Nimsan Sivas Lime Merchanting-House Incorporated Company
  7. Da Vinci Engineering and Architecture Incorporated Company
  8. Akana Engineering Incorporated Company
  9. ARGE Automation Incorporated Company
  10. Yeşil Niksar Newspaper
  11. Canik Newspaper
  12. Improvement of Technical Education Association
  13. Technical Education Foundation (TEKEV)


Our foreign partners in the context of the project:

  1. PE International GmbH
  2. Stuttgart University
  3. German Baden-Wüerttenberg Ministry of Environment
  4. DIBU German Institute Construction and Environment